A brief introduction to the SmartMesh-RootsCap Ecosystem Fund

SmartRoots Fund is a joint venture between SmartMesh and Roots Capital and is the first blockchain ecosystem fund focusing on the Internet of Things (IOT) and edge computing for the next generation of decentralized Mesh networks worldwide. It is a US$100 million fund with an initial trench of US$30m.

  • SmartMesh is the next generation equivalent of the TCP/IP protocol for decentralized blockchain-based networks. SmartMesh has built-in blockchain light nodes that extend the Lightning, Raiden and other secondary blockchain architecture network protocols to achieve tokenized network micro-payments. Operated via blockchain-based tokens, SmartMesh can self-organize into resilient, decentralized, self-healing Mesh Networks that provide higher near-field speeds and bandwidth than the Internet, and they are largely free of charge. SmartMesh allows blockchain technology to break through the border of the Internet into the IoT Internet of Things and the age of the IoE Internet of Everything.
  • Roots Capital has been focused on blockchain investment since 2017. Since then they have invested in dozens of blockchain projects and remain committed to being their long-term partners. Roots Capital integrates resources and empowers investment projects with ecoystem development, community operations, media and PR, fund raising, listing on and dealing with exchanges and many other crucial aspects in order to grow healthy and profitable projects.
  • SmartRoots is an investor in first and second tier high-quality projects in the SmartMesh ecosystem, including off-line communications technology, chips, Internet of Things and applications, as well as edge computing and edge storage, while also taking into account the discovery of and investment in top global blockchain projects.

Investment Direction and Strategy

SMT Ecosystem Quality Project Primary Market Investment

International Blockchain Project Primary Market Investment

Core Management Team

  • Ran Li Zhi
    Joint Chairperson
    Venture Capital Founder

    Ran Li Zhi has been involved in the VC / PE industry for more than ten years. He was the Executive VP of Qingke Group and the Managing Director of Qingke Group Investment Bank (Qingke Capital). During this period, he led nearly 20 financing initiatives including Tianya Community, Chuanjie Network, Baihe.com, and SECOO.COM. At the same time, Mr. Ran was also involved in the founding of "Venture Nation". Subsequently, Mr. Ran has created equity investment and financing internet platforms called "Hao Xiangmu (Good Project)" and "Tou Yi Shou (Throw in a Hand)" and served as CEO, obtaining many rounds of VC investments.

    In addition, Mr. Ran was a leader of small science and technology companies including SENSORO, Heat Media, Yami and City Legend, led investment into 20 small companies and won the title of "Excellent Zhongguancun Angel Investor 2015". At present, he is focused on various investment opportunities in the blockchain industry chain, and is invested in dozens of blockchain projects including Fcoin, Intervalue, SMT, Coin World, etc.

  • Henry Wang
    Joint Chairperson
    Chairman of the SmartMesh Foundation

    President of the International Association for Block Chain Applications (IBAF) and President of the Universal Consensus and Connectivity Organization. Henry Wang is an ideological leader in global blockchain development and a senior technical expert. His research and development covers Internet protocols, blockchain, chip design, artificial intelligence, big data, edge computing, the Internet of Things, and the interconnection of all things. In 2017, the SmartMesh Foundation was created in Singapore. SmartMesh is the world's first blockchain-based Mesh network protocol. In April, the Silicon Valley IT magazine APAC CIO Outlook named SmartMesh as one of the world's top 10 regional chain technology solutions providers for 2018.

  • Xiao Yong Quan
    Venture Partner
    Founder of Downjoy, Founder of MeshBox

    Downjoy was founded in 2004 and is the most active mobile gaming community in China. Xiao Yongquan was also one of the early promoters of the online and mobile game industry.

    Xiao Yongquan started his research on digital currency and blockchain in 2013. He was the most influential early investor in China's 8BTC blockchain community, and also was an early investor in blockchain projects such as SmartMesh, Aware Capital, Likecoin and more. He founded MeshBox with the goal of producing the first blockchain-based mesh router in the world.

  • Kraken Yu
    Venture Partner

    Currently serving as Vice President of Global Engineering at SmartMesh, responsible for SmartMesh's global development management and collaboration. Previously served as Chief Strategy Officer of Cubits, Europe's leading Bitcoin Exchange based in Berlin, Germany.

    As CEO of the Cornerstone Research International in Ireland, it was the first western eLearning company to worked with the software outsourcing industry in China, partnered with the Torch programme centre of MOST – Ministry of Science and Technology, and MIIT of the Chinese Government.

    Worked as manging consultant for ICCH - International Commodity Clearing House, headquartered in London, and based in Tokyo and Hong Kong, Mr Yu is responsible for introduction of Options trading in Asia, which including agricultural produces and currency. Now LCH-Clearnet, it is the world's oldest financial institute, Clearing House.

    In recent years, Mr Yu has provided project financing for large-scale international renewable energy projects, focusing on solar and wind energy. Mr Yu was part of a consortium involved in the establishment of a US$500 million renewable energy fund in 2017. Mr Yu studied MSc in Advanced Software Engineering in UCD and a Fellow of the Institute of Analyst & Programmer in England since 1989. He is also a mentor for Irish government NGOs.

  • Han Zhi Qi
    Venture Partner
    Member of Beijing Young Entrepreneurs Association, UCSI MBA

    In 2007, Huo Shi Venture Capital was founded to serve many large domestic Internet companies, such as Sohu, Sina and Focus, to help complete a number of mergers and acquisitions. At the same time, as one of the earliest FA institutions in China, Huo Shi Venture Capital has been serving many Internet enterprises, such as Taurus tourism, Jiamei Dental, Green Creation Environmental Protection and others, totaling in excess of $100 million capital.
    Since 2013, he has participated in more than 50 Token projects, including EOS, Kyber Network, Raiden Network, SmartMesh, MeshBox, Status, Bluzelle, Tezos, Nebulas, Tenx and 0x.

  • Qu Tao
    Venture Partner

    Mr. Qu has been involved in the VC/PE industry for nearly ten years. He has successively served as senior manager of Qingke Capital, Vice-president of China Everbright University Holdings Investment and Senior Vice-president of Shanghai Jinpu Investment, during which he has led or assisted in the completion of investment and financing transactions amounting to nearly 1 billion RMB involving digital entertainment, Internet finance, Internet consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection. Fields include investments in well-known projects such as Nasdaq: BILI, Medium Electric Power (acquired by SZ: 002564) and ChangBa.

    Mr. Qu is mainly engaged in early investment and post-investment management in the field of digital economy, has participated in a number of mobile Internet start-up projects, and also served as the "first-hand" CFO of equity investment and financing Internet platforms. At present, he focuses on the application of blockchain to the entertainment, finance and consumer industries

    Before entering the VC / PE industry, Mr. Qu served as Senior Auditor of Ernst & Young Accounting Firm and participated in the auditing work of several listed and pending listing companies.

    Mr. Qu holds a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in economics from Xiamen University, with a major in investment economics and national economics.

  • Qiu Yue Feng
    Venture Partner

    Mr. Qiu has been involved in the IT industry for nearly 20 years. He has served as Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer and Chief Market and Strategy Officer for Nasdaq listed company Wen Si Haihui Group. He has participated in capital operations such as overseas listings, peer-to-peer mergers and privatizations. He has also led the acquisition of many companies worldwide and helped the company achieve digital goals. He has done deep research in databases and data science

    Previously, Mr. Qiu worked at HP and Lucent Technologies, focusing on enterprise applications and research and development of communications products.

    Mr. Qiu is also an angel investor, investing in some of the most distinctive Internet start-ups and helping them grow.

    Mr. Qiu holds a bachelor's and master's degree in science from Fudan University, with a major in computer software.


Past Investment Cases